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We at Paramount Home Services, specialise in helping people dealing with the hardship of bank repossession.

How to cope when you cannot pay your mortgage. You don’t choose to be in that situation. The truth is that you are a victim like so many others in this economic chaos. Loss of job, illness, divorce or other. You are confused, panic and cannot see a way out. There is always a way out. And yes, while you are just able to focus on the problem, we can see a solution and are able to help.

I personally have gone through the stresses of harassing phone calls and letters by the bank and other creditors, which caused me lots of sleepless nights. This led me to educate myself and by gaining knowledge to find solutions to my problem. Now I want to help others, because I come from a place of understanding and compassion. We can help when nobody else can.

Services We Provide

  • We at Paramount Home Services assess, where the home is in the repossession process, so we can know the options available to us at this specific point.
  • Even if there is a court order in place and the sheriff is about to change the locks, we can still help.
  • We negotiate with the banks, tell you which step to take next, help with paperwork, buy you more time, if possible and deal with you in person.
  • Depending on your situation we will look at all options available. We can stop the harassing phone calls and letters and give you some peace of mind while we deal with your problem.
  • If you decide to sell your property, we can find you an investor fast, give you cash upfront so you can start living again while we do your packing, cleaning and moving for you.
  • No matter where you are in this hardship, “Paramount Home Services” can help you get through this. And you can look forward to start “Another Chapter in Your Life”

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For further questions of inquiries, please dont hesitate to drop us a line or contact us using the details below.

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